5 Foolproof Tips on Creating an End-of-Day Daycare Pick-Up Routine for Your Child

September 13, 2021

Your precious little one is off on their own making their own friends and engaging in fantastic activities at our daycare. While they’re off playing and growing in a healthy child care environment, you’re wondering how the end-of-the-day will look like, especially if this is the first time your child has been off on their own.

Our experienced daycare in Maple has seen hundreds of happy parents and children through our doors. Sometimes there are happy tears, sometimes there are sad tears, but that’s what makes the daycare so special for your child. At the end of the day, your child might have a complicated transition from daycare to home, and that’s where we want to help you out!


5 tips on creating a positive daycare pick-up routine for your child

After a long day of work, it can be a tad exhausting to pick up your child from daycare who isn’t ready to leave just yet. Luckily at our Jewish daycare in Vaughan, we have some tips that can help you and your child have a seamless pick-up experience at the end of the day and get them excited to start a new day in the morning!

  1. Pack a fun snack for the ride back home. Everybody loves a fun little snack that they look forward to, especially your child! Packing your child’s favourite snack for the car ride back home can give them a nice incentive to pack up their things and go enjoy that delicious pudding cup or that sweet piece of chocolate.
  2. Connect with the teachers. We love expanding your child’s imagination and learning skills as much as we love to see the smiles on the parents’ faces knowing their child is having the best time. Taking a small moment at the end of the day to connect with us can re-instate how your precious one’s day went and help you understand your child’s world at daycare!
  3. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. The sense of security for your child is rooted in knowing what they have to do next. Implementing an easy after-school pick-up routine and explaining to them how each day will go can relieve some of the stress on your child and make it easier to instill repeated actions that they grow accustomed to and eliminates the circumstances of any negative surprises.
  4. Avoid rushing. In today’s busy world, trying to avoid rushing is easier said than done. However, if you give yourself an extra five minutes to arrive at your child’s daycare and not hurry your child out of daycare, it will be a much easier experience for everyone involved. Plus, if your child sees you cool, calm and collected upon their pick-up they will be much more inclined to act the same.
  5. Get excited about your plans once you get home. Your child is a sponge for knowledge and emotions, and if you’re excited they will reciprocate that emotion tenfold. Saying things like “Let’s go home and see daddy”, or “A little birdie told me that we’re having pizza for dinner”, will make your child more inclined to get excited about returning home without having to think about leaving daycare.


You are a loving parent. We are a passionate daycare team that aims to give your child the best experiences.

Every day, you aim to nurture your little one and ensure that they have a fantastic day ahead of them. You can be rest assured that A.C.E. Daycare is certified in all aspects of child care and can even help you set up an easy pick-up routine for your child. Follow our tips today and set your toddler for success!

Our doors are always open, so contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff!


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